Practice Dutch

If you are looking for opportunities for practicing your Dutch, we can offer you language courses for adults, internships for children during the hollidays, chat cafés, easy-to-follow theatre performances, booklets with words and pictures and much more.

Leerkracht schrijft op bord
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Practicing Dutch

The Agentschap Integratie en Inburgering organises information days about Dutch courses in our region. You can ask for information or sign up for Dutch courses. For more information:

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Dutch language courses

The center for adult education Crescendo-CVO (Campus GLTT) organizes Dutch courses in Kraainem.

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Do you already speak Dutch well, but want to practice more? There is a conversation group on Wednesdays in GC de Kam. Before you can participate, you have to pass a level test. There is a regular Dutch-speaking facilitator.

Mensen babbelen aan tafel
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Café Combinne

Would you like to have a nice conversation in Dutch? In Café Combinne you practice Dutch and meet people from your neighborhood. We talk about daily topics. Coffee, tea and water are free.

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Practice in leisure time

Would you like to practice your Dutch in your free time in a fun way? Do you like to cook or craft? Would you rather play sports or just talk? Or do you like to learn something new?

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Internship Dutch

Every year GC de Lijsterbes organizes a language camp for children during the Easter vacations.

If children do not speak Dutch at home, it is good to practice during the vacations. That is why GC de Lijsterbes organizes an annual Dutch language camp in the Easter vacations for children from 6 to 12 years old. This is not a school: we do crafts, listen to stories, sing and play.

De Filmclub (8+)

The Film Club

Practicing Dutch doesn't have to be boring: just come to our cinema! Every first Sunday of the month we show a new movie with Dutch language and subtitles. After the movie, there is a fun activity related to the theme of the movie. This way we practice the words we just learned. This is no school: we mainly have fun!

The Film Club is for children 8 years and older who already speak a little or very good Dutch. Adults can watch the film. During the children's workshops, adults receive a free drink in the foyer (included in the admission price).


Wil je graag materialen gebruiken om Nederlands te oefenen? Komt langs in het gemeenschapscentrum en ontdek welke materialen we ter beschikking hebben.

Language icons

In our community center you will find many activities in Dutch. Are you learning Dutch? You can definitely participate. Use the explanation by the language icons to choose an activity.