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ARCORA has a string of successful concerts (Vooruit in Ghent, Concertgebouw in Bruges,…) to its cr …

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26 Jan


Welcome to the Community Centre de Lijsterbes, one of ‘de Rand's’ seven such centres.

We offer you a wide-ranging cultural programme near to your home. Music, theatre, films, school plays and exhibitions – something to suit all tastes … It is also the chance to become acquainted with people and associations in your neighbourhood.

You may not know any Dutch or very little but do not let that put you off. Some knowledge of the Dutch language may be required in certain cases but not always. We will be delighted to help anybody keen on learning our language. And our centre is always there when you feel ready to start practising your newly acquired language skills.



You and your colleagues can use your lunch break to join us trying to stay in peak condition. The Start to move series of lessons allows everyone to work on their fitness at an appropriate level.
18 Dec

ARCORA - Orkestrale ode aan tool

ARCORA has a string of successful concerts (Vooruit in Ghent, Concertgebouw in Bruges,…) to its credit. Now this unique string orchestra is coming to Kraainem.
26 Jan

Speelman - Pluche (3+)

Is it possible that the stuffed animals are really alive? ‘Pluche' is a show about consolation, being happy, being together, feeling safe, but especially about the imagination.
23 Feb

Repair Café - Repair Café Kraainem

The freely accessible Kraainem Repaircafé sessions are focused on working together with you, repairing all kinds of items that you might otherwise throw away. All in the cause of combating excessive consumption. Intended for everyone, the Repaircafé is the perfect place for making ...
24 Mar

Familiedag - Leve de Lente

It is Springtime again What a perfect time for some workshops and various activities and to help add to the fun you and your family will have on this great day.
31 Mar