De Leeuwen van Vlaanderen - Erhan Demirci, Han Coucke & Latif Ait

In their search for the roots of Flemish culture, Erhan, Han and Latif reconstruct the greatest story in the history of the Flemish people: 'De Leeuw van Vlaanderen' (The Lion of Flanders) by Hendrik Conscience. De Leeuw van Vlaanderen' tells the story of the Battle of the Golden Spurs in 1302. Against the background of this story, the three characters seek to gain a better understanding of the conventions, language and culture of the Flemish people.

The lions roar but never stop smiling. Are you learning Dutch? Have you been living in Belgium for only a short time? Then this show is for you. Put yourself in the head of a Flemish person.


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GC de Lijsterbes - Grote Zaal
Lijsterbessenbomenlaan 6
1950 Kraainem


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